How to Post About Politics on Social Media

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  • Never post your opinion. Also do not post others’ opinions, which would be “inauthentic.” Instead, try to be “authentic” about not posting your opinion(s).
  • You may wish to go back through all your previous posts to check for opinions. Make a small charitable donation for each.
  • Try to avoid “facts,” which are statements of accurate information.
  • Never post about any issue or candidate you care deeply about.

Ambivalence is the touchstone of unobjectionability.

  • ALWAYS give 24 hours’ notice before posting about politics on social media so children may be safely ushered from the INTernet.
  • Never compare a candidate to snakes, which may trigger feelings of fear because of their razor-sharp fangs and little beady eyes.
  • Try to post authentic, unobjectionable posts that provide inexact information for the benefit of all. EXAMPLE: _______ Clinton will probably not be at the poles when you go/don’t go to vote; and neither will Donald Trump, whom many may or may not consider a reptile with razor-sharp fangs and beady little eyes.
  • If you can, livestream the voting choices of someone next to you at the poles. Do not disturb them!
  • Post about guns and abortion, for many enjoy spirited discourse of these topics that unify Our Nation! 🙂
  • If you write in a celebrity such as Kathy Perry for a post such as State Comptroller it is considered traditional courtesy to alert her via timely missive.
  • Although there was no Twitter when President ________ ________ himself was in office, he was “right on the money” when he said: I knew that my staying up would not change the election result if I were defeated, while if elected I had a hard day ahead of me. So I thought a night’s rest was best in any event.” Ah, that Benjamin Harrison. “
  • Remember: Just because we practice social media political ethics, one cannot expect that everyone you deal with will as well. Do not judge. Take the high road. Report them to Facebook and be on your ____ way.

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Former WSJ reporter and syndicated columnist working in the blogosphere. Once sold books to Johnny Cash. My Medium post about that was praised by Paris Review.

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