I remember seeing Ev interviewed in person in 2008 when he was CEO of Twitter. The interviewer pushed him on how the company would make money and Ev snapped back, “Give us a minute!” I felt a surge of admiration for him.

Twitter may not have learned to make money, but Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and other movements were defined by it. Right now it is narrating power’s troubling torments.

Truth can’t be bought, but lies can be sold. So outlets with integrity struggle while the pimps of fake news cash in. We tell the truth not because it makes money but because it gives hope, direction, clarity, and joy.

Medium gives me a place to tell my truth. I wrote about selling books to Johnny Cash when I was younger and quite lost. After Ev tweeted about it, The Paris Review picked it up.


I think Medium is a collective memoir of expertise where people go to read first-hand reflection related to what’s happening now. Authenticity in a hurry. A place to be real in a crowd.

In 2008 I went up to Ev and showed him a serial I was writing on Twitter about werewolves in San Francisco. I had always wanted to write a campy serial of cliffhangers. Now I could, with wild fun and people following along. He laughed, read a bit of it, and tweeted about it.

It didn’t make him a dime. It made a big difference to me.

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